Apprenticeship Portfolio Software Service


Apprenticeship Portfolio Software

I Have a question for you…

– How do you record the apprenticeship “Progress Reviews”,  “Evidence Gathering Assignments” and  “Off The Job Training” (OTJT) hours?  

Do you use a spreadsheet/form or an apprenticeship portfolio software like Smart Assessor or OneFile.    If so, how is it all working for you?   If your current system is difficult to manage, costing loads of money and too complex for your needs, I have great news for you.

OneOcle is a low-cost apprenticeship portfolio software service that will drastically reduce the effort Assessors, Tutors and  Mentors need to manage the processes required to deliver an apprenticeship.  Less administration results in more time to deliver quality training.   More quality training time should result in more timely completions and ultimately more business! 

OneOcle portfolio software can be integrated with whatever low-cost system you are using to store your evidence; for example Mahara, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.  You can even integrate OneOcle with your favourite task management system; for example or

You can access OneOcle completely free of charge for 90 days to evaluate its fit to your business.

Check out this 2-minute overview video for more information

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