Apprenticeship Portfolio Software Service

  Apprenticeship Portfolio Software I Have a question for you… – How do you record the apprenticeship “Progress Reviews”,  “Evidence Gathering Assignments” and  “Off The Job Training” (OTJT) hours?   Do you use a spreadsheet/form or an apprenticeship portfolio software like Smart Assessor or OneFile.    If so, how is it all working for you?  …

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Mahara Is a Free e-Portfolio

What is Mahara? You’re most likely wondering what Mahara or an ePortfolio is right?  – you’re about to find out. Mahara is two things: an ePortfolio and a social networking system combined. An ePortfolio is a system in which students can record “evidence of lifelong learning” – such as essays, artwork or other such things they produce that …

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Mahara Overview

Below is a video that will provide you with an overview of the Mahara system. The second video will show what your apprentices will see when they use Mahara.

Installing Mahara

We are asked all the time about installing Mahara. Well here are a few videos that explain the process from start to finish. Then again, if you want to save yourself the hassle of installing and hosting your own Mahara system you can always opt for our OneOcle-Mahara managed system.